Essays & Criticism

Supporting Diverse Faculty to Make Assessment Meaningful through Peer-Led Coaching

Chapter published in Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education: Diverse Approaches to Addressing Accreditation Standards, Vol. 2, edited by Jane Marie Souza & Tara A. Rose, Routledge (2024). Co-Authors Cheryl Vila and Rosalie Bojos.

Tara Campbell’s “Where the Words Go”: Progressive Images of a Progressive Disease

Analysis of flash fiction published in Smokelong (August 2023).

“The Cliff Notes version? I want a normal life”: Slayerhood as Social-Model Disability

Chapter on Buffy the Vampire Slayer published in Blood, Body and Soul: Essays on Health, Wellness and Disability in Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, edited by Tamy Burnett and AmiJo Comeford, McFarland (2022).

Dispatch from a Pandemic: Majuro, Marshall Islands

Essay about life with borders closed to Covid-19 published in Another Chicago Magazine (June 2020).

Whither Teaching in the University Novel?

Peer-reviewed essay on campus fiction published in American, British, and Canadian Studies Journal 26.1 (June 2016).

The Hybrid Poetics of a Woman with “An Extreme Male Brain”

Apologia for my poetics published in (In)Scribing Gender: International Female Writers and the Creative Process, edited by Jen Westmoreland Bouchard, Diversion Press (2015).

Review of Scienza Nuova by Carrie Hunter

Published in Poets’ Quarterly (August 2015).

Web Writing and Citation: The Authority of Communities

Chapter on pedagogy published in Web Writing: Why and How for Liberal Arts Teaching and Learning, edited by Jack Dougherty and Tennyson O’Donnell, University of Michigan Press: digitalculturebooks (2015).

Review of Via Incanto: Poems from the Darkroom by Marisa Frasca

Published in Poets’ Quarterly (August 2015).

Aging, Disability, and Zombies: The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home

Peer-reviewed article published in Femspec 14.2: The Great Age Issue (2014).

Review of MILK by Natasha Marin

Published in Poets’ Quarterly (October 2014).

Why I Reject Forgiveness Culture

Personal essay published in STIR Journal (September 2014), reprinted in Role Reboot (August 2015).

A Life of Reverse Culture Shock

Creative nonfiction published in (T)here: Writings on Returnings,
edited by Brandi Dawn Henderson, Martlet & Mare Books (2014).

The Ambiguous Status of Native Speakers and Language Learners in Ulysses

Peer-reviewed essay published in the Journal of Modern Literature 37.1 (Fall 2013).

Review of seam by Tarfia Faizullah

Published in Poets’ Quarterly (March 2014).

Review of Reports by Kathryn Levy

Published in Poets’ Quarterly (January 2014).

Review of The Middle by Angela Hume

Published in Poets’ Quarterly (October 2013).

Review of The Blue Den by Stephanie Norgate

Published in Poets’ Quarterly (April 2013).

Why I Like Writing in Airports

Personal essay published in Poets’ Quarterly, Inspiration Series (March 2013).

Joyce, Berlitz, and the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Published in Joyce Studies in Italy 12: Polymorphic Joyce,
edited by Franca Ruggieri and Anne Fogarty, Edizioni Q (2012).

Lady Gaga’s Bodies: Buying and Selling the Fame Monster

Chapter published in The Performance Identities of Lady Gaga: Critical Essays, edited by Richard J. Gray II, McFarland Publishing (2012).

Review of Ions by Jean Bleakney

Published in Poets’ Quarterly (July 2012).

It’s All about the Language 

PhD origin story published in From Tweet to Thesis (September 2011).

“The Sisters”, “The Dead”, and Ron Butlin’s Night Visits

Essay published in Hypermedia Joyce Studies: Special Prague Symposium Issue (2010).

Review of In No One’s Land by Paige Ackerson-Kiely

Published in Galatea Resurrects 11 (December 2008).

Josh Wallaert’s Common Sensed Conversations with Broken Texts

Review published in in Experimental Fiction & Poetry: Reviews, Interviews, Commentary (June 2008).

Review of The End of Rude Handles by Jen Tynes

Published in in Galatea Resurrects 4 (November 2006).