Words for #Ferguson

there are words tonight
there are always words:
they just come bloodier—but not
so bloody as six
bullet holes—and gorier
than an everyday opening of veins
and sanitary bleeding on a white page

there are make-believe streets
with real blood

there are not issues of race
there are victims & victors of race

there are words
and there is blood
and the dead still burn for both
and the living, the living, the living…?

#DigiWriMo Multimodal Story



written for the Transcending Media prompt

#Prompt for #DigiWriMo

write a villanelle
aubade before the sun
rises—write the screams
of your alarm clock in trochaic
hexameter—not hexamater, even if you curse

write a sestina
on being on time
stanza one: work
stanza two: meetings
stanza three: more meetings
stanza four: medical appointments
stanza five: still waiting for your appointment
stanza six: first dates
tercet: bring it together just in time
for the breakup

tweet your weight in hashtags
tumblr your Couch to 5k (and rest)
pin your dinner
dream of swinging vine to vine
—not the video service
but go ahead and loop
your tomorrows

Written for the #prompt Prompt