Tag: Wind

Sunday Small Stone 103

winds click doors into their frames raising fears of waves against foundations —other sands— and more unlikely intrusions Related articles Topaz (tinhouse.com)

Sunday Small Stone 70

wind taps palms just like rain the rustle & fall chills are never the same Related articles Sunday Small Stone #27 (elizabethkateswitaj.net) Wind and Water and Stone, poem by Octavio Paz (silverbirchpress.wordpress.com) Sunday Small Stone (elizabethkateswitaj.net)

Sunday Small Stone 45

the green on gray neither twitches nor rises to wind watch or warning—bowing only to the rain doesn’t speak its rhythm as it speeds up its down the roof Related articles small stone Sunday – cherry cake & being busy(writingourwayhome.com)…

Mindful Writing Challenge 13

moment rustling rises up the wood & plaster overhead I begin to listen for win and fall -ing trees Related articles A Month of Mindful Writing(mlissabeth.wordpress.com) Mindful Writing Challenge Jan ’13(zguta.wordpress.com) Let’s Try a Month of Meaningful Moments(writersite.org) January Small…

Sunday Small Stone #27

the whistling you’ve learned to name plane, the crunch you’ve learned to name car, the breath & rustle you can see is the wind—you can’t see— impregnating blinds _______________(you’ve left the windows open) cannot override strained chords & sharper laughs…