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Poem: Forest for the Trees

You can now read my most recently published poem, Forest for the Trees, at Indianapolis Review. This poem came from my ongoing efforts to think through what it means to write in an age of surveillance and against the tide…

Sunday Small Stone 126

long fallen palm on the edge of curl raises canine head in the smoke of its own scent — dry of wind, shy of rain Related articles Fun Ways to Publish Poetry Follow-Up: 50 States of Poetry Party (thealchemistskitchen.blogspot.com)

Sunday Small Stone 114

shimmer down the night, the green breadfruit, palm, banana trees open leaves down to where the coconut crab has creeped from risen sea the calicos hide close to crash & foam, dry beneath their boulders where human hearts can’t see…

Sunday Small Stone 110

snapped green banana tree never fed black mutt nosing its mud Related articles Co-Evolution (qarrtsiluni.com) Debunking the Myth of the Fake Banana Flavor (io9.com)

Sunday Small Stone 72

two trunks like fallen men—slump and lie against the blue fence that doesn’t match __yet the sky Related articles Small Stones Poetry (failingathaiku.wordpress.com) From my Fingertips / Summer Night (Haiku) (blogitorloseit.com) Carpe Diem Haiku *Shiki ‘A Flash of Lightning”* (esengasvoice.wordpress.com)…