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Mindful Writing Challenge 14

light between grey clouds, grey hills doesn’t seem to fade upon the empty trees it turns the yellow lichen gold Related articles A Wet Lichen(therousedbear.wordpress.com) The colors of winter(celiahercity.com) Were Weirdo Ediacarans Really Lichens, Fungi, and Slime Molds?(blogs.scientificamerican.com) A Month…

Mindful Writing Challenge 1

wind bounces branches bounce shadows on the half-gold blinds curved, like fingers, like the white clouds in blue stay still according to reflections in my eyes Related articles Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2012 ~ Small Stone 1(journalread.wordpress.com) Mindful Writing…

Sunday Small Stone

green pixellate screen the leaves scream across the whispered yellow light that rises from the greener side of land and height ___________from this high floor Related articles Beer | Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean(selectism.com) vicemag: Literary Titans Are Super…

Sunday Small Stone

the quiet Sunday wind skips the garbage on the gray sidewalk & exposed dirt it lifts the eggshell slats of blinds to bring the blooming trees inside Related articles Sunday Small Stones(radicalamazement.wordpress.com)

Sunday Small Stone

clouds flatten sky sky flattens clouds on the other side of pane empty branches, darkened rain don’t try to reach what has no depth to see