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Sunday Small Stone 30

that gold light doesn’t make the old church tower new or the office block before it where the orange lift still stands against the yellow-bandaged plywood windows in off-white walls the autumn breeze rattles blinds and smells clean Related articles…

Sunday Small Stone

green pixellate screen the leaves scream across the whispered yellow light that rises from the greener side of land and height ___________from this high floor Related articles Beer | Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean(selectism.com) vicemag: Literary Titans Are Super…

Twenty-First River Stone

parallel lines dashed & curved on windows are all that’s left of the two o’clock dark in the newly silent air beneath the move ment of mixing grays & yellow lines of nearing night

Sunday Small Stone

brief melt pinks up down black pitched roofs yellow panes  mark kitchens and I’m homes down the rows Related articles Stones for Advent – small winter gems of writing (annestormont.wordpress.com)