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Sunday Small Stone 134

shadow & its tail flit over tile and unseen dust sneezes out sun’s last yellow fingers on glass through graves Related articles Sunday Small Stone 132 | Elizabeth Kate Switaj (elizabethkateswitaj.net) Sunday Small Stone 133 | Elizabeth Kate Switaj (elizabethkateswitaj.net)

Sunday Small Stone 130

one window gold one window grey a call that can’t be placed beyond the sky—imagined white bird with blue -hour wings and hours still to fly Related articles A Witch is a Witch is a Witch(tinhouse.com)

Sunday Small Stone 101

community written acid lines abdomen and eye who is believed and I am not a part of us orange security light stains grave stones sunset long after Venusrise

Sunday Small Stone 99

wet cough light reddens lemon blue—sky poured shadow over slice of palm and home to cure the hacking salt humidity and its daylit tonsil heat Related articles The No-Nonsense, Non-Alarmist, Essential Guide to the Flu(lifehacker.com) Notes from the Fence Family Brunch,…

Sunday Small Stone 76

running towards the moon no longer overhyped perigee but silver over upswept pink clouds and calm dusk blush lagoon Related articles Most “super” supermoon of 2014 on August 10 (earthsky.org) The 101 Best Astronomical Events to Watch Out For in…