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Sunday Small Stone

drip drab drop brip brab brop off the white corner of the window finally nearly closed silver dashes down to white shit on the black sill over rain ________-reddened bricks Related articles Sunday Story Stones…(mysmallpotatoes.com) Redrafting (for) Your Life(elizabethkateswitaj.net) Super Sad…

Sunday Small Stone

these blinds refuse to ghost slatted, slitted, sucked by what shreds of wind still blow this heat downstairs Related articles Stoneworking(tedleach.wordpress.com) Lazy Summer Recipe (elizabethkateswitaj.net)

Lazy Summer Recipe

In honor of the current heatwave, here’s my favorite food to make on a too-warm day: Chop up one large cucumber and a few medium tomatoes. Mix together with a can of sweet corn and a dash of salt. Eat.…