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Sunday Small Stone 82

bruised rain—yellow cloud smell evaporates from concrete blacker than the Wayless sky Related articles What Causes the Smell After Rain (todayifoundout.com) A Rich Fallback (unikonics.wordpress.com)

Sunday Small Stone 62

look, left eye sun turns overgrown rhododendron leaves yellow against blue sky white streaks _______________look, right eye ____________________marine ___________layer grays behind American flags raised straighter ____________than exotic pine _that bends more than its plumage ______to the coming winds __which always…

Sunday Small Stone 52

blue still sky between white systems of condensation as blue ing of the white dog signs dis appearance of direct sunlight and Related articles The Slow Language of Sculpture, the Fast Language of Words(themillions.com) Bringing John Wieners Back: Revisiting 707…