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Nineteenth River Stone

the hard rare drops thickened without taste ing like snow are halfway gone into the harsh grains of dark down pour Related articles A River of Stones: Day 18 (ceceliafutch.wordpress.com) Stone # 18 (jobryantnz.wordpress.com)

Fourth River Stone

the wet & fertile silence when the tap dance on composite roof ends Related articles Stone # 4 (jobryantnz.wordpress.com) River of Stones,Jan.1,2012 (emmasorchard.wordpress.com) River of Stones – Jan. 3 (pattisjarrett.wordpress.com) River of Stones (usaukwoods.wordpress.com) River of Stones: Day 4 (ceceliafutch.wordpress.com)

Sunday Small Stone

red leaves redder than red green leaves greener than green brown leaves lying on the black street sky grayer than gray & air not quite done with the rain