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Sunday Small Stone 82

bruised rain—yellow cloud smell evaporates from concrete blacker than the Wayless sky Related articles What Causes the Smell After Rain (todayifoundout.com) A Rich Fallback (unikonics.wordpress.com)

Sunday Small Stone 74

black wisp on petrichor concrete twists from jellyfish through fall -en cloud and rests as discarded bag Related articles Word of the Day — Petrichor (trolldens.blogspot.com) Hail and Petrichor (vinauverre.wordpress.com) ‘Petrichor’ – what does it mean? (sphinxandsibylline.wordpress.com) Petrichor (rwdwhbiii.wordpress.com) the…

Sunday Small Stone 70

wind taps palms just like rain the rustle & fall chills are never the same Related articles Sunday Small Stone #27 (elizabethkateswitaj.net) Wind and Water and Stone, poem by Octavio Paz (silverbirchpress.wordpress.com) Sunday Small Stone (elizabethkateswitaj.net)

Sunday Small Stone 69

taxi blue lights blur the broadening drizzle until it turns to rush Related articles Sunday Small Stone (elizabethkateswitaj.net) Sunday Small Stone #27 (elizabethkateswitaj.net)

Sunday Small Stone 58

coffeemaker clicks _______________I miss ___opening of rain ___and stigmata of glue until the white cabinets have all gone yellow I don’t even know the sound that held me apart from the scene until it stops and the sun shatters cold…

Sunday Small Stone 57

moss and sunbeams hatch and alt -ernate across the pine unfinished and still holding the rain I’ve forgotten kept me from staying awake last night Related articles Rocking Stone(tinhouse.com) The Cemetery Dream(nybooks.com)