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Sunday Small Stone 100

rain ages glass—or do these windows worry lines from these trochaic taps so fast? Related articles King Lear: The Syntax and Scansion of Insanity (tor.com) #Prompt for #DigiWriMo (elizabethkateswitaj.net) Where Does Iambic Pentameter Come From? (poetryfoundation.org)

Sunday Small Stone 86

this late rain doesn’t smell of stars or anything else it draws down but salt from waves that still run under the moon that breaks the beginnings of the falling Related articles Tuesday New Release Day: Poehler; Gibson; Faber; Farah;…

Sunday Small Stone 85

chemical fish (de-wormer) soap that wants to be fruit and rain without soil or stone untouched to touch braid into the last weekend dusk Related articles Slow Waltz Where Your New Life Meets Your Old Habits (poem) (ofkells.blogspot.com)

Sunday Small Stone 84

hissing wakes you to the hive -raising heat’s fissioning by water its dragging down to feed earth, mildew, and your palms and your breath you didn’t know you held to the shoals of your lungs

Sunday Small Stone 83

colorless sky thickens with motion we call gray breaking the heavy paw of humidity heat still lingers caressing white graves mildewed with doilies—deeper gray Related articles New York City, September 24, 2014 (theawl.com) Loss (tomclarkblog.blogspot.com) Running Blind (thehairpin.com) David K…