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Sunday Small Stone 34

blue flashes add heft to the floating silence __________surrounding ________________________sirens as if there were no pavement drunks or flustered midnight magpies

Sunday Small Stone

whatever you’ve heard, rain never wears tap shoes and your bones feel tonight’s seep from the not quite silent air your marrow will know why the sidewalk’s so damp in the sun

Sunday Small Stone

beyond the buzz of orange light and rush of cars on rain-dark street the heartbeat of a car alarm goes in and out like stars behind the wind-cold clouds

Eleventh River Stone

the only light the cracks of orange lamp through blinds moved by the groan of wind on glass & wind where glass meets bone Related articles River of Stones: Day 11 (ceceliafutch.wordpress.com) River of Stones, Jan.11 (pattisjarrett.wordpress.com) Stone # 11…