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Sunday Small Stone 80

night glows bluer than the black pad of the paw that reaches for it after two days separate -d from falling dogs & hungry rain that live in dusk, and in day Related articles Internet, Why So Blue? (theawl.com) Train Your…

Sunday Small Stone 77

mooring ripples like a pig waking on the reef half-beneath black waves trading foam for digital blue highlights Related articles Flying Drone Captures Underwater Images of 300-Year-Old Coral (livescience.com) Nine Eyes in the Pacific Ocean (space.io9.com) Coral Creeps Up Island…

Sunday Small Stone 69

taxi blue lights blur the broadening drizzle until it turns to rush Related articles Sunday Small Stone (elizabethkateswitaj.net) Sunday Small Stone #27 (elizabethkateswitaj.net)

Sunday Small Stone 68

security blues the palm rain-to-be smears the moon beyond revelation of where the coconuts fell Related articles Hug Your Darlings, Give the Moon the Finger: Writers On Delight (themillions.com) Induratise. (wishyouwerehere0202.wordpress.com)

Sunday Small Stone 67

no stars—the white caps & break ers can only growl Related articles Tin House Reels: Bianca Stone (tinhouse.com) Sunday Small Stone #27 (elizabethkateswitaj.net)

Mindful Writing Challenge 28

my last full dark in Belfast I try to remember the name of every building I’ve never entered every brick I’ve touched screams   Related articles Day 25 and Zen and the art of writing(writingourwayhome.com) Letters in the Wind: A…