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Sunday Small Stone 69

taxi blue lights blur the broadening drizzle until it turns to rush Related articles Sunday Small Stone (elizabethkateswitaj.net) Sunday Small Stone #27 (elizabethkateswitaj.net)

Mindful Writing Challenge 27

the ordinary lights say their owners’ names I want them to stay ordinary____and to clash harsher with the night _______________________and the moon still smudges black into navy___long before the rise __________________long before I leave in only a few days__I cannot…

Mindful Writing Challenge 25

like chocolate milk or the toilet water with the residue of cleanliness and the light’s off, but the street light is on, the water has overflowed the curb cut legs are stretching over the inches are the depths Related articles…

Mindful Writing Challenge 20

hazy yellow—really orange—brings evening shadows inside __edging white radiator, streetlights to trees (eggshell white vertical blinds _ensure that you don’t see Related articles Through the Blinds … Read the Text(everchangingperspective.com) MyFirst(Code Poem);(elizabethkateswitaj.net)