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Sunday Small Stone 114

shimmer down the night, the green breadfruit, palm, banana trees open leaves down to where the coconut crab has creeped from risen sea the calicos hide close to crash & foam, dry beneath their boulders where human hearts can’t see…

Sunday Small Stone 63

the laurel sways the golden patch of leaves above shadowed green shifts by veins and inches far beyond the Douglas Fir first curls of marine layer have risen are rising too slow to be seen in an instant there’s stillness…

Sunday Small Stone 59

sunlight leaves leaves bleached above the red conical blooms leaving shade for rust and wilt -ing Related articles Pretzels&Bullfights ~ PubTalk(dversepoets.com) Rocking Stone(tinhouse.com)

Sunday Small Stone 55

I blinked and spent an hour trying to find, again, the angle that let me see only bright green and emerald and pine and evergreen without a gap of gray or dark or paler clouds rain must have rearranged needles…

Sunday Small Stone

red leaves redder than red green leaves greener than green brown leaves lying on the black street sky grayer than gray & air not quite done with the rain