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Sunday Small Stone 60

after the supermoon fog too thin to hang around for long sips itself from douglas fir & lily and cones fall down Related articles Brace Yourself for the Extreme Supermoon This Weekend(blogs.sfweekly.com) SUPER MOON Saturday(penningtonplanetarium.wordpress.com) It’s that time of year:…

Sunday Small Stone 59

sunlight leaves leaves bleached above the red conical blooms leaving shade for rust and wilt -ing Related articles Pretzels&Bullfights ~ PubTalk(dversepoets.com) Rocking Stone(tinhouse.com)

Sunday Small Stone 56

white streaks & splotches of berry purple blood, blue skin tire -squashed and no birds still visible in the telephone-pole laurel above_ their singing amplified to the rhythm of squawk turning scream when the cat comes out and in the red…

Sunday Small Stone 48

daffodils rising between over smooth -ed boards—so early in spring disguised___ as overly broad grass Related articles In the Garden: Shaking Off Winter(meloukhia.net) In the Garden: Let’s Do This Thing(meloukhia.net) small stones day 30 – why writing is good for us(writingourwayhome.com)