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Sunday Small Stone 47

sun slants on a white dog blinking into sleep in the moment the cold cloud shades the sun his fur is still not gray Related articles small stones – The final day of the Challenge(writingourwayhome.com) small stone Day Twenty-Nine –…

Mindful Writing Challenge 4

a nasal bends bone to a drop of amber ache behind the freckles & the fuzz Related articles Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2012 ~ Small Stone 1(journalread.wordpress.com) Mindful Writing(cloakedmonk.com) Mindful Writing Challenge Jan ’13(zguta.wordpress.com) Mindful Writing Challenge – January 2013(angiesscratchpad.wordpress.com) A…

Sunday Small Stone

beyond the buzz of orange light and rush of cars on rain-dark street the heartbeat of a car alarm goes in and out like stars behind the wind-cold clouds