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Sunday Small Stone 92

wide eyes narrow, flash back to amber marbles and repeat on the way to sleep between the kitten’s own shadow stripes in grey and white belly stretch there are no clouds or drought or tigers

Sunday Small Stone 80

night glows bluer than the black pad of the paw that reaches for it after two days separate -d from falling dogs & hungry rain that live in dusk, and in day Related articles Internet, Why So Blue? (theawl.com) Train Your…

Sunday Small Stone 53

that cat lifts the sun to my hand; he gathered it in his bituminous fur and now he stretches on his back legs—up—to be caressed Related articles The Slow Language of Sculpture, the Fast Language of Words(themillions.com) The Ruth Stone…

Sunday Small Stone 51

still raining still damp the edges of a cat ‘s wet fur already shed from black to sable as if summer waited above the grey Related articles National Poetry Month Is Here Again!(poetryfoundation.org) Gerry McFarland(kathleenflenniken.com)