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Sunday Small Stone 56

white streaks & splotches of berry purple blood, blue skin tire -squashed and no birds still visible in the telephone-pole laurel above_ their singing amplified to the rhythm of squawk turning scream when the cat comes out and in the red…

Sunday Small Stone 50

no one sees the bird bending the pane leaving a ray of waste and waves of Bang Related articles Gerry McFarland(kathleenflenniken.com) National Poetry Month Is Here Again!(poetryfoundation.org)

Mindful Writing Challenge 19

first magpie of the year beats its tail on the air wings folded close, it stands two dark tiles down the roof from the curve of melting snow Related articles A Month of Mindful Writing(mlissabeth.wordpress.com) Birdhouse Roof Tile: Cozy Nesting…

Small Thanks

Yes, I am taking part in a meme: bloggers listing the easily overlooked things for which we are grateful. I am grateful for hot water bottles and thick duvets for library cards for fancy, smelly baths and the way the…

Sunday Small Stone 34

blue flashes add heft to the floating silence __________surrounding ________________________sirens as if there were no pavement drunks or flustered midnight magpies