Cover image: a stormy shoreline with a palm tree and a house on stilts. Text: Supply Chain Problems, Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Supply Chain Problems, available from Ghost City Press (micro-chap)









dark purple cover with white text: The Bringers of Fruit, Elizabeth Switaj

The Bringers of Fruit: An Oratorio available from 11:11 Press

Discussed in “Looking Back” published by Full Stop (Sep. 2022)








Magdalene & the Mermaids

Magdalene & the Mermaids
Available via HathiTrust

Reviewed at Feministe, Feminist Review, Everything Distills into Reading, and The Sound of Poetry
Sample poems at Poetry Friends and Peony Moon






Cover Image: The Broken Sanctuary

The Broken Sanctuary: Nature Poems (chapbook)
previously available from Ypolita Press








Individual Poems

in Abridged 0-94: Severin (2023)

Bird / Rose / Moon
in Indianapolis Review 23 (Winter 2023)

The Fifteenth Morning After
in 24-Hour Chapbook Challenge IV: Sleep, Rancid Idols Productions (Dec. 2022)

Last Rounds
in EcoTheo (Sep. 2022)

Majuro Atoll, 2222
in Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine 65: Cruel Spring (June 2022)

How You Come to Tell Me I’ve Done It, I’ve Survived
Semifinalist in the 2021 Boston Review Contest
published in Repair, a Boston Review anthology (Winter 2022)

Eve, Diving
in Cauldron Anthology 14 (Winter 2022)

Echo and Narcissus
in Warning Lines Magazine 2: Echo (Sep. 2021)

Against the Bones
in Community Spotlight: Images of Obsession from the February Workshop, Collective Aporia (March 2021)

Our Assorted Quarantines
in Indolent Books’ What Rough Beast: COVID-19 Edition (May 2020)

The Contagious Hospital
in Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine 53: Virus (May 2020)

King Tide Twilight
in Rougarou (Winter 2019)

Articulations IV, VI, and VII
in The Inflectionist Review 7 (May 2018)

in Open: Journal of Arts & Letters (May 2018)

Articulation III
in sidereal magazine 2 (November 2017)

Venomous Fang Blenny
in Corium Magazine 25 (Fall 2017)

Articulations VIII, IX, and XII
in Figure 1b (October 2017)

Neutral Buoyancy
in Hawai’i Review 85: Occupying Va (Fall 2016)

If I Didn’t Show
in Silver Birch Press IF I Poetry and Prose Series (October 2016)

Erich and Willy from Aktion T4
in Mayday Magazine 9 (Summer 2015)

in Bird’s Thumb 2.1 (Feb. 2015)

The Kretschmar Child, Gerhardt, and Crazy Marie from Aktion T4
in UCity Review 9 (Dec. 2014)

cover of Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

in Borderlands Texas Poetry Review 41 (2014)

cover of Humber Literary Review

Harvest Moon and Jutta
in The Humber Literary Review 1.2 (Fall + Winter 2014/15)

Main Road, The Oceanids’ Canto, and Uliga Campus
in Potluck Mag

Persephone’s Canto to Dionysus, from The Bringers of Fruit
in Paradise Review 6 (Aug. 2014).

35, Lojkar Sunday, Couplets for a Saturday, and Island Hotel & Apartments
in Typoetic.us 2 (Spring/Summer 2014)

Fire Flowers in the Lagoon and Third Space
in Rivet 2 (Sep. 2014)

in Rust + Moth (Autumn 2014)

My Little Friend and Oxford Ties
in Ottawa Arts Review 7.1 (Throwback, 2014), pages 18 & 22

Poseidon’s Canto, from The Bringers of Fruit
in Really System 3: Alertly Messy (Summer 2014)

Franziska, from Aktion T4
in Clare Literary Journal 15 (Spring 2014)

Driver, Rairok October, Enemanit, I Could Be Persephone, and Dragonflies
in The Waggle 1 (Winter/Spring 2014)

10tember and Fermented Pomegranate Seeds
in Red Savina Review 2.1 (Mar. 2014)

Running Away from Home
Sundog Lit 4 (Nov. 2013)

Alma, Fritz, and On Learning that KFC is Offering Boneless Chicken
Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing 2 (Fall 2013)

in The Potomac Review 53 (Fall 2013)

A Series of Propositions in Favor of a Concept, Events Since 9/11, The XX of June, and Wanted
in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (2013).

Heathrow, LAX, Dublin, and O’Hare
in Coldnoon: Travel Poetics 2.3 (March 2013)

To My Dead Ex
in UCity Review 6 (Jun. 2013)

After Issa
in Lines + Stars (Archivism, Winter 2013)

cover of The English Chicago Review, Issue 1

Ice Princess Reclaimed and Latter Day Creation Myth
in The English Chicago Review 1 (December 2012): 33-34

cover of A Black Bird Sings

[white dog . . .]
in A Blackbird Sings: A Book of Short Poems

Make Art, Not and Love a Rainy Night
in Hawai’i Pacific Review (2012)

cover of Tau Literary and Visual Art Journal of Lourdes University

Have you Seen My Scars?
in The Tau: The Literary and Visual Art Journal of Lourdes University (2012)

All He Gave Her, All There Is, and Five Lives
in quarter after 2 (June 2012)

cover of Folio literary journal

Cleaning Disneyland
in Folio (Spring 2012)

In the Fold
in Pirene’s Fountain 5.11 (April 2012)

Beige in Nihongo
in Reprint Poetry (April 2012)

Caprico(u)rn, Goldfish, and And Rest in Silence
in On Barcelona (March 2012)

The First Four Days
in qarrtsiluni: Imprisonment (June-September 2011)

Before the Visa Expires
in Lowestoft Chronicle 7 (September 2011)

in Ante 2.2 (June 2011)

Shang City Walls, Midnight, and Road Signs <and Prophecies>
in The Conversation Papers 1.2 (Spring 2011)

Time Keeping
in YB Poetry 4: Windows (Spring 2011)

Editors in Ironic Gray Flannel Suits
in Welter (University of Baltimore, 2011)

To a Post-Breakup Fantasy
in Spot Literary Magazine 5.2 (Spring 2011)

A Hangover Sonnet, AfterTravels, No Absent Night, Since You Asked about Poetry & Prose, and Pollination Cross
in The Stray Branch 4.7 (Spring/Summer 2011)

Riverrun the Ladder
at Commonline (5 Feb 2011)

Twentysomething Plea
in Spirits: Indiana University Northwest (Spring 2010)

Tina’s Night Thoughts
at Joe Linker’s Sestina blog (2010)

Inch Beach and Famine Feast
in Poets for Living Waters (2010)

in Black Market Review, Issue 2 (2010)

Festering Song, Crash & Course, Becoming Oceanic, and Against the Notion Rain Falls Up
in Mayday Magazine Issue 2 (Winter 2010)

Nine of Wants and ELL Room Window
in SparkBright Issue 3 (Winter 2009)

Instructions to a Rapist, Subspecies Variation, and The Weimar Pizzeria
in The Smoking Poet (Winter 2009/10)

Profile and poems: These Unbroken Bones, On Foot, Train Sound Triptych, Layers & Plates, First Cicada Death, Red Rock Gorge, Morning in Xinxiang, and In Nanyang
at Outsider Writers

Kannon & the Pendulum
in Blue Fifth Review (Fall 2009)

Crossing the Manhattan Bridge, Justice, First Not Sex, Over River, Flash Flood, August Moon, and Inch Beach
in Blue Turtle Crossing, Fall Edition (October 2009)

in EOAGH 5 (October 2009)

in Manorborn 7.1 (September 2009)

Two Visions of the Finite in Seattle
in Gloom Cupboard 106 (September 2009)

in Incantations in Blue (September 2009)

Sulaymaniyah and Memory– a Rainy Night
in As Per La Roman De La Rose, For Example, Edited by Arpine Konyalian Grenier for Big Bridge 14 (August 2009)

Cotton Sweatshirt
in Diverse Voices Quarterly, Vol I. Issues 1-2 (August 2009)

Oyster\World\Woman and Phalanges
in wunderkammer, collection week (June-July 2009)

Eugene, OR
in Black Oak Presents (Summer 2009)

Summer’s Orders
in qarrtsiluni, Economy Issue (June-Aug 2009)

Available in print from Amazon

Carpal REM
in Ottawa Arts Review (June 2009)

Queen of Wands and Old Soul Mates
in Listenlight, Issue 19 (Spring 2009)

Survivors: Rabbits, Butterfly, and Koi
in Galatea Resurrects, Issue 12 (May 2009), The Critic Writes Poems

Beyond Organic Groceries
in Faraway Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2 (Spring 2009)

Losing Season
in Slog (March 20, 2009)

Season/al Master/ed
in Aquila Review, Volume 2 (Spring 2009)

Henan Highway Stretch
in foam:e, Issue 6 (March 2009)

Alisha Marie, Cave of Real (Deep, Consumer Society, Cul-de-sac, and Dawn Marks
in wheelhouse magazine, Issue 7 (Winter/Spring 2009)

Unforming: a Five Poem Series
at WomenWriters.net (January 2009)

Chant for the Whole, Titanoboa cerrejonensis, and Zales/Jared/Kay
in Counterexample Poetics (February 2009)

An Airport of Three Years Ago, Eight of Wands, Le Soleil, and The World in Tarot
in viviparous blenny, Volume 1 (January 2009)

Erratic & Growth
in Literary Mary, Issue 1 (January 2009)

No Private Shattered World
in The Smoking Poet, Issue 9 (Winter 2008-2009)

Minerva Dressing, One of Barbara Longhi’s Virgins, and Berkeley
in tinfoildresses, Issue 1 (Winter 2008)

Wearing, Fog from I-90, Abutment, The Rapist’s Son, and October Head|ines
in Otoliths, Issue 11 (Southern Spring 2008)

Fruit of Two Summers and Iron Rich & Tighly-Packed
in Makeout Creek, Issue 2 (October 2008)

Turn of the Word
in apt: an online literary journal, Issue 16 (Fall 2008)

Ope\ning\ – Op/ening/
in Ophelia Street (October 15, 2008)

Would Not Be Like God and Love Growth Poem
in Listenlight, Issue 17 (September 2008).

The Long & Short of Third to First” and “The Binding of Your Words
in [grain short/grain long], Issue 1 (September 2008)

Found Sign and In Praise of Loose Petals
in Sous Rature, Issue 1 (August 2008)

& Rats Dance
in Exquisite Corpse (August 2008)

Spring Back and Utah Crater Mystery Cracked
in O Tempora! Magazine, Issue 1 (August 2008)

What Cedar Cannot
in CEllA’s Round Trip, Issue 1 (Summer 2008)

Rising Gathering Bolts, Rain Specter, and Silencsis
in Origami Condom, Issue 10 (2 August 2008)

\Longhu\ and \Bushwick\
in Cordite Poetry Review, Issue 28: Secret Cities (July 2008)

Baby Crush, A Bush Wedding\House Party, Shooting from Ilium, and When You Are Tempted to Pet Your Child
in Gloom Cupboard, Print Issue 3 (May 2008)

Critical Acclaim
in Gloom Cupboard, Issue 37 (May 23, 2008)

Arb(r)utus and “Planted to Survive”
in Clockwise Cat, Issue 9 (May 7,2008)

Road Signs, After Last Mutation, and Under the Weather
in Unlikely 2.0 (May 1, 2008)

Millipede Down, How To Store, Seven Leave Cult Cave in Russia, and In Space Separating
in Otoliths, Issue 9 (Southern Autumn 2008)

Among Renoir’s Umbrellas
in wheelhouse magazine, Issue 5 (Winter 2008)

The Farm (Joan Miró), De Chirico’s Uncertainty (of the Poet, Not a Haiku, and Because His Funeral Was A Week Before
in Listenlight, Issue 15 (March 2008)

Day Sleep, Particulate Matter, The Lovers Change– Together, Under Maidenhair Tree, Late Waxing Gibbous, and Prelude Here (The Roof)
in Eleventh Transmission, Issue 2.3 (March 2008)

Model Assignment
in Octaves Magazine, Issue 1.3 (March 2008)

For Voices, Last Witness, Maidenhair Library Lane, and To Fallen Leaves
in Sacramento Poetry, Art, and Music

In Season; On the Chair, Forgotten Name; and Overeducated Girl
in Venereal Kittens
The Outer Park, The Saved, and The Three Brides
in Philament, Issue 11 (December 2007)

Treatise on the Subjectivity of Heat
in Marginalia, Issue 3.2 (Fall 2007)

Morning After Fear
in In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself, Volume 7 (2007)

When Zombies Reach Rockaway
in The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poety, Volume 5 (2007)

Evening Run in Summer Hum, To A Savior, Sky Built, and Weeded Embrace
in Offcourse Literary Journal, Issue 31 (September 2007)

King of Pentacles
in Existere, Fall 2007

Model Sister, Home from the War, The Night Before I Don’t Give Up, The Devil, Judgment, and Four of Pentacles
in Sentinel Poetry, Issue 58 (October 2007)

On the Roof at Midnight
in Openned

This Heart, Fall and Jefferson Square Park
in HazMat Review, Issue 9.1 (Spring 2007)

Career Crisis Alchemist
in Hamilton Stone Review

7/7, Sophia’s Summer Night, Tinted Rose, Rebecca’s Last Words, and F Train Between Storm & Sunset
in wire sandwich

3, 2, and Z
in Otoliths, Issue 4 (Southern Summer 2007)
Muggy Summer Station, Anna’s New York Design, and Written in the Preshocks
in Xelas Magazine, Issue 1.1 (December 2006)

Nights That Don’t Cool Down, Bleeding Again, Scarlet’s Lughnasadh 2006, and Bearable Brightness of . . .
in melancholia’s tremulous dreadlocks

September Afternoon in Central Park and Suvivor’s Bones
in Euphemism

Spring Departures, Cafeteria Counter, Covered Eating Walkway, and Ghost On Cloud Taker’s Route
in Listenlight, Issue 2
(Audio Files: Spring Departures, Cafeteria Counter, Covered Eating Walkway, and Ghost on Cloud Taker’s Route)

In Autumn
originally printed in California Quarterly

Sulfur Cycle
originally printed in Art:Mag

Strained Nerves
in The Subway Chronicles

Kitchen Man and New Discipline
originally appeared in Tin Lustre Mobile; reprinted in The Blind Man’s Rainbow

The Chase
in Convergence (Winter 2006)
in Transverse 5

Linen Invocation, Love Rite, Indigo Amy, Sunshine City View, and Atmosphere Shrine
in The Other Voices International Project (2005)

Lady of the Three Accompaniments, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Every Time . . .Important, and Friday Night
in winamop

Beige in Nihongo
in antimuse (2005)

Paintball, Three on a Famous Bridge, and Wearing
in HiNgE, Issue 6.2 (July/August 2005)

Your Door, Aubade (Revelation), and Edge of the Tracks
in Ascent Aspirations

Saturday Walk By Digital Toys, Drinking Match, and Circuit Lies
in Unlikely 2.0 (July 2005)

Pub in Toyota-Shi
in The Fifteen Project, Issue 6 (Oct. 2005)

Swamp Ophelia, Cliff Dweller, and Shopping Malls And (For Fifteen Hundred Yen)
in The Argotist Online

Mother & Child”, “Otaki”, and “Okazaki River”
in whimperbang

Looking Through the Blind Slat Crack
in Neon Highway, Issue 10 (July 2005)

Pre-millenial Skyline
in Perigee

Pentecost Here
in Seeking the Lotus 3

Rita Hayworth’s Final Dream
in Dreamvirus (Winter 2004)

Claire, Chicken Skin, and Over Thirty
in horse less press (Audio Files: Claire, Chicken Skin, and Over Thirty)

Concrete Constructions, Deictic & Existential (audio), and Eternal
in GutCult

Flower (Anjo) and Folded In Your Lap
in The Diagram

in eratio

In Love Again and Melissa Has a Surplus of Parents
in Crannóg, Issue 6 (Summer 2004)


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