Like Water
in FlashFlood (Jun. 2022)

Come Water, Come Navigator
in Ab Terra 2020, Brain Mill Press (Jan. 2021)

When the Typhoon Came and Game Night
in Eunoia Review (December 25, 2017)

Learning Outcomes for the End of the World
in Per Contra 33 (Fall 2014)

The Making of a Poet
in The Prompt Literary Magazine 2.1 (December 2013)

The Crossing
in Deimos eZine 2.1 (March 2013)

The Woman You Don’t Expect
in The Kenyon Review Online (Fall 2012)

In This House
winner of Sundog Lit’s First Photogene Contest (August 2012)

A Bad Haircut
in Blip Magazine (now New World Writing) (Spring 2011)

Antlers and Venison
in Cliterature: Appetite (December 2010)


The cover of Platte Valley Review, featuring a black and white photograph of grazing buffalo.


The Hill on the Border
in Platte Valley Review (Spring 2010)



Summer Camp
in The Fringe (October 2010)

Up in Smoke
in Week Nine of thirteen

Dun White
in The Lorelei Signal (January 2010)


Christmas in Outer Space

The Elegant Maru
in Christmas in Outer Space from WhortleBerry Press



Sleeping Beauty Speaks Out
in Expanded Horizons, Issue 11 (September 2009)

Woman Without Time
in Colored Chalk, Issue 8 (May 31, 2009)


Death Mook Cover


Death of an Eikaiwa
in The Death Mook from Vignette Press




Gratitude with Attitude Cover


in Gratitude with Attitude from Scribbulations LLC





Extraterrestrial Ruins


Introduction to the Findings of Team 150B-T.2U by Raiden Mesc Gerarti
in Ruins: Extraterrestrial from Hadley Rille Books (2007)
now available for Kindle




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