Category: Appearing Elsewhere

Poem: Before the Visa Expires

My poem, Before the Visa Expires, appears in Issue 7 of Lowestoft Chronicle. In writing this piece, I stitched together a few scraps from a few different memories, as well as imagined ones, trying to re-create the feeling of leaving…

Several Poems

I’ve had a number of poems published recently: Misread in Ante 2.2 (June 2011); Shang City Walls, Midnight, and Road Signs <and Prophecies> in The Conversation Papers 1.2 (Spring 2011); Time Keeping in YB Poetry 4: Windows (Spring 2011); and Editors in Ironic Gray Flannel Suits in Welter (2011). The…

Fiction: A Bad Haircut

My work of flash fiction, A Bad Haircut, is now online in the Spring 2011 edition of blip. The piece is a bit outside my usual style (though not entirely a departure from my usual subjects).

Five Poems in The Stray Branch

I have five poems—A Hangover Sonnet, AfterTravels, No Absent Night, Since You Asked about Poetry & Prose, and Pollination Cross—in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of The Stray Branch, which is now available for purchase.