9 Ways I’m Changing My Marathon Training This Year

With the academic year starting up again, so too is my training for the Honolulu Marathon. This year will be my second try at the course, and I want to finish faster, so I’m making some changes to the way I prepare:

  1. Adding strength training and foam rolling to my cool-down routine. I’m focusing on my arms and core because my arms suffered a lot more last year than I expected.
  2. Adding mobility drills to my warmup. I have pretty good form already, but it can always be improved. Plus, warming up properly will help me avoid injuries.
  3. Not using an off-the-shelf training plan. I’m still basing the pattern of runs I do in the mornings off the Hal Higdon plan, but I’m following my own cycle for when I back off in mileage and when I push ahead.
  4. Running beach intervals two nights per week. I need to run fast sometimes if I want to run faster. Plus, the sand will provide resistance that will help me with hills.
  5. Doing yoga the other nights of the week, focusing on hip openers and building strength in my core and arms (notice a theme?). I will use a more restorative style as needed. Last year, I did yoga twice a week at most.
  6. Foam rolling on my rest mornings. Recovery is serious business.
  7. Stand up paddle boarding on my cross-training mornings, working—guess what?—my arms and core.
  8. Running a course that will bring me over the bridge whenever possible. It’s the only hill on the island, and I wasn’t ready for Diamond Head last year.
  9. Carrying a two-liter hydration pack on my long runs. It’s hotter here than it is in Honolulu.

Now, my question to you is this: how many times do I have to run the same marathon before it becomes a tradition?

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