Short-short: Whipped Cream

Cherries after RainIt’s bad enough that I was vacuum-packed to be devoured. My only consolation was that I’d be sprayed on something delicious: strawberries, brownies, pie filled with something blue, a sundae topped with caramel, peanuts, and silver-bullet sprinkles. And I would be topped with a cherry syruped sweeter than my artificiality.

I got the cherries anyway where I’ve been made to cover the woman’s breasts. Breasts are no worse than anywhere else. I’ve been expelled entirely onto skin, and now the beast is licking me off of her. I’m supposed to save their marriage, apparently. The more I become part of him, the more that will seem like a consolation.

But part of me will finally pass out his other end, and part will never enter him. I’ll be washed off in the shower. And these remnants of me will always know what a wonderful dessert we could have been.



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