Twelve In ’12

Postgraduation. #twitter via ekswitaj


  1. I finished my PhD.
  2. The Journal of Modern Literature accepted a piece of mine.
  3. Like This Press accepted my chapbook manuscript.
  4. The Kenyon Review Online accepted and published a short story of mine
  5. I co-organized a highly successful postgraduate conference in Joyce studies.

Couple in the Vatican Museum

Other Things I Did

  1. I joined the staff of the newly relaunched Poets’ Quarterly.
  2. I visited Rome for the first time (for a conference).
  3. I participated in the first MOOC MOOC.
  4. I helped write a novel in 24 hours.

Other Things to Celebrate

  1. The birth of my niece!
  2. Publication of Joyce Studies in Italy 12: Polymorphic Joyceincluding my essay “Joyce, Berlitz, and the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language.”
  3. Publication of The Performance Identities of Lady Gaga: Critical Essaysincluding my essay “Lady Gaga’s Bodies: Buying and Selling the Fame Monster.”

And a Thirteenth for ’13

The Question Remaining

  1. Where to next?

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