A Penguin, A Duck, A Digital Writing Month

A stuffed baby penguin standing on the grass in front of a Keep off the Grass sign

My penguin friend, Pengu McHugh, says he will help me out during the month, but I think he is really just jealous of Digi the Duck.

Despite my ambivalence about WriMos, I will be participating in Digital Writing Month (DigiWriMo) during November. My participation, however, will not be focused on reaching 50,000 words. My sense that aiming for a high word count can be counterproductive is magnified when it comes to working with digital media. If I find myself working on a highly visual project, I do not want to stop simply because pictures do not add to my ability to reach a target. (Of course, all this applies to my own working habits and preferences; if a numerical goal helps you, go for it!)

Instead, I want to do the following (which I suspect will bring me up to 50k words anyway):

  • to write a daily Twitter poem (please leave small form suggestions in the comments)
  • to engage in at least one additional form of digital writing daily
  • to learn and use new digital tools (starting with grep, per Jay McKinnon’s suggestion)
  • to use familiar digital tools in new ways (again, please leave suggestions in the comments)
  • to participate in all challenges set by the organizers of DigiWriMo to the best of my ability (though I will, for example, miss the midnight launch due to time zone issues)
  • to collaborate with others in digital environments
Pengu has also suggested that I help him set up a higher profile social media presence. He is a clever penguin, but he can only type in Penguinese, which looks like this: hhhdglp. I told him maybe.


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