Essay: Joyce, Berlitz, and the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Joyce Studies in Italy 12, Edited by Franca Ruggieri and Anne Fogarty – Edizioni Q, Roma 2012Before I could start to think about the ways teaching English as a Foreign Language affected James Joyce’s writing (the key research question underlying my doctoral thesis), I had to establish how he taught. My short essay which has recently appeared in the twelfth volume Joyce Studies in Italy contains some of these findings. I talk briefly about the Berlitz Second Book which had not previously been discussed in the context of Joyce studies (though its prequel, the First Book, had). More important, however, is that I challenge the notion that Joyce was a largely irresponsible, unconcerned, and not very effective teacher.

You can read this essay, and the others in the volume, in PDF format at the James Joyce Italian Foundation website (follow the link below the table of contents).


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