MyFirst(Code Poem);

<!DOCTYPE html>

function myFunction()
document.getElementById(“poem”).innerHTML=”For all our digitality, our heads will end up here”;


document.write(“<h1>the leaf-gold hair, rotting with autumn / fallen</h1>”);
document.write(“<h2>receding skin, the glint of bone, in the cliche half of moonlight</h2>”);
document.write(“<h3>long faded bone, a tea-rinsed manuscript / of everything inside</h3>”);
document.write(“<h4>fragment, shard, and shatteredness</h4>”);
document.write(“<h5>a calcified grittiness enriching the soil</h5>”);
document.write(“<h6>full assimilation and falling <strike>like</strike> leaves</h6>”);

<button type=”button” onclick=”myFunction(howrandomthischance)”>Will this be the action that takes you to that script?</button>



Written in response to a Digital Writing Month prompt.

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