Poem: Cheerleader

Look - His body is glorious
when it moves across the floor
when it bends and lifts an orange sphere
at the right trajectory, an arc to in in in

you are in no position to say No
when coaches tell you to applaud
you were never in position to say No
to His muscles & bones
      the charge of rape was dropped

you can never say No
when you're told to call His name
you can never say No
to turning your lungs & breath & c(h)ords
over to the student body

                                         to lead them in desire
                   for His body
to move across the floor
& lift the orange sphere
into the right, desired arc

                                            your body
                                     to these other bodies

as you long as you hold the pompoms
and want to stand in front

                                    and you sh-d never have to hide

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