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Sunday Small Stone 102

no stars in safety light—no purity but shadows, barbed wire bent by plastic white pelts of food & beer Related articles The Separatrix Gives Us Our Fragments: Reviewing MxT by Sina Queyras ( Rachel Kessler (

Sunday Small Stone 100

rain ages glass—or do these windows worry lines from these trochaic taps so fast? Related articles King Lear: The Syntax and Scansion of Insanity ( #Prompt for #DigiWriMo ( Where Does Iambic Pentameter Come From? (

Sunday Small Stone 99

wet cough light reddens lemon blue—sky poured shadow over slice of palm and home to cure the hacking salt humidity and its daylit tonsil heat Related articles The No-Nonsense, Non-Alarmist, Essential Guide to the Flu( Notes from the Fence Family Brunch,…