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Sunday Small Stone 99

wet cough light reddens lemon blue—sky poured shadow over slice of palm and home to cure the hacking salt humidity and its daylit tonsil heat Related articles The No-Nonsense, Non-Alarmist, Essential Guide to the Flu( Notes from the Fence Family Brunch,…

Sunday Small Stone 98

dawn’s fingers rose late to drag screw pine down to dark -er than the hidden moon leaving grooves on Venus blue Related articles Boston Review Reviews Caroline Bergvall’s Drift (

Mr. Spock’s Strange Path—And Mine

  When I woke up to Leonard Nimoy, Spock, Vulcan, Wrath of Khan, and #StarTrek trending on Twitter, I knew what had happened. Now there is a sentence that would have made no sense in those years when Spock was so important…

Sunday Small Stone 97

Mars a Venusian pimple Moon a glistening hang nail—how day develops lemon blue maturity and cooler air Related articles New supermoon – and Black Moon – on February 18, 2015 ( The Moon Is A Laboratory (