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Sunday Small Stone 69

taxi blue lights blur the broadening drizzle until it turns to rush Related articles Sunday Small Stone ( Sunday Small Stone #27 (

A Coveted Status

a response to George Will I was raised on a pedestal twelve hours straight so attorneys could ask what I wore, what I drank I had woken in (hush—off) white sheets and seen no blood and sung halleluja    …

Sunday Small Stone 68

security blues the palm rain-to-be smears the moon beyond revelation of where the coconuts fell Related articles Hug Your Darlings, Give the Moon the Finger: Writers On Delight ( Induratise. (

Sunday Small Stone 67

no stars—the white caps & break ers can only growl Related articles Tin House Reels: Bianca Stone ( Sunday Small Stone #27 (

Poem: Franziska

Clare Literary Journal has published my poem, Franziska, which is from a longer work dealing with Aktion T4, the Nazi “euthanasia” of disabled people that preceded the Holocaust. Two other pieces from this sequence previously appeared in Compose.